Belews Landing Entrance

Belews Landing Homeowners Association



The clubhouse and pool amenity site is owned and maintained by the Belews Landing Development Company, LLC. It is currently being operated by the Belews Landing Homeowners Associaion.

Pool Season: The pool opened on Sunday May 31 under strict Phase 2 rules.

Pool Hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. 8:00 am to 10:00 am is reserved for elderly and at risk residents.

Special COVID-19 Phase 2 rules highlights (see link at bottom of page for full rules):

  • Maximum of 11 people in the pool at one time.
  • Maximum of 100 people inside the fenced pool area.
  • 30-minute time limit in the pool if others are waiting.

Caution: Swim at your own risk; there is no lifeguard. Please read the clubhouse and pool rules before using the pool.

Pool Details: The pool is 45 ft x 25 ft with an additional 18 ft x 10 ft paddling area. The depth of the main pool is 3 ft 6 in at one end and 6 ft at the other end. It holds 40,150 gallons of water. It is a salt water pool filled with a mild salt solution. Swimmers sometimes enjoy salt water pools because the water feels softer and gentler than that in some other types of pools. Salt water pools are not chlorine free, but it is not necessary to add chlorine to the pool. Instead, using a device known as a chlorine generator, the pool makes its own chlorine products for hygiene though electrolysis, which breaks down the salt. Periodically, salt must be added to the pool to keep the salt solution strong enough for the chlorine generator to work. When a salt water pool is maintained properly, it should stay clean and safe to use, and it lacks the strong odor associated with chlorinated pools.

Clubhouse and Pool Rules

COVID-19 Phase 2 Pool Rules