Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that are frequently top of mind.  Don’t see your question addressed here?  Feel free to contact  the Board or committee chairs.  Click the “+” to see the answer.  Click the “-” to collapse the selection.  Filter selections are also provided at the top of the list.

How often does the Board of Directors of the Association meet?2022-02-09T14:36:07+00:00

The Board of Director normally schedules closed sesson meetings every 4-6 weeks. The closed sessions are necessary to deal with HOA business, legal issues, deliquency/collection and sensitive topics such as personal issues. Occasionally, the Board will invite Committee Chairs or other property owners to discuss specific matters.

When is the annual membership meeting of the Association?2022-01-19T02:51:31+00:00

The annual membership meeting is held in early Summer. Not less than 10 nor more than 60 days in advance of any meeting, the Secretary shall cause notice to be hand-delivered or sent prepaid by U.S. mail to the mailing address of each lot or to any other mailing address designated in writing by the lot owner, or sent by electronic means, including by electronic mail over the Internet, to an electronic mailing address designated in writing by the lot owner so long as authorized by law.

How do I get an access code for the pool?2021-02-07T22:00:30+00:00

The clubhouse and pool amenity site is owned and maintained by the Belews Landing Development Company. As of 2018 it is being operated by the HOA. Each household is assigned a unique pool code. To obtain your code, click here to send an email to the pool committee.

If I rent the clubhouse do I also have exclusive use of the pool?2020-12-22T02:24:32+00:00

The pool is not part of any rental of the clubhouse. The pool may not be exclusively rented.

How do I reserve the clubhouse?2021-02-07T22:02:29+00:00

Contact Nicole Gillespie at (336) 210-3895 or Email  (nicole.gillespie@rocketmail.com) or click here for more information.

What is the schedule for automatic irrigation of lawns?2020-12-22T02:31:46+00:00

The watering schedule for automatic irrigation is as follows:
Even addressed houses – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Odd addressed houses – Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
No watering on Sunday
All irrigation to be completed between 3:00 pm and 3:00 am, starting on the assigned day

Is the clubhouse available for rent by non-HOA members?2020-12-22T02:23:49+00:00

The current rules and regulations for the clubhouse do not permit non-HOA members to rent the clubhouse.

I am a resident of Crows Nest. How do I get information about the entry gate?2021-02-07T22:04:32+00:00

For information about the gate click here (HOA Members only) or contact the Gate & Roads committee.

Do I need separate architectural approval for improvements within the Duke peripheral strip?2020-12-22T02:29:48+00:00

Yes. Duke must review any plans for improvements within the peripheral strip. Currently, the architectural review committee has coordinated with Duke to review the same plans that are submitted to the Association. Note: permitted improvements within the Duke peripheral strip are greatly limited and you must seek permission from Duke to remove trees in the peripheral strip that exceed three inches in diameter three feet off the ground. Experience has shown that it is much better to seek permission if there are questions.

If I want to make improvements to my property do I have to get approval?2021-02-07T22:05:39+00:00

Except for certain landscaping changes, any improvement to a lot within the Association requires approval by the Association through its architectural review committee. Owners are strongly encouraged to submit an architectural application for any improvements even if it is a question of whether one is required. Architectural applications may be found on this website. Note: the architectural review committee has 15 days to review the application, so please get the application in early to help prevent delay with your desired project. Link to ARC Information and Request Form

How does the Duke waterfront lease work?2020-12-22T02:28:44+00:00

Duke Energy owns the peripheral strip around the lake. The width of the strip depends on the topography. The Association leases this property from Duke Energy. Each lot owner whose property borders the peripheral strip pays a certain amount per linear foot toward the lease amount owed to Duke Energy. The Association is responsible for paying for the common areas that border the peripheral strip. The current lease expires in April 2023.

What books and records of the Association are open for inspection and copy by the membership?2020-12-22T02:26:49+00:00

The membership is free to inspect and copy all governing documents, minutes of board meetings (except executive sessions), minutes of annual meetings, minutes of special meetings, and financial records, such as the balance sheet, profit and loss, and cash disbursements. Many of these documents can be viewed and downloaded from this website.

When is the annual membership meeting of the Association?2020-12-22T02:25:17+00:00

The annual meeting is normally held in early summer. Notice of the upcoming meeting will be delivered to all owners by first class mail with at least 10 days notice.

May I obtain a list of homeowners with addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers?2020-12-22T02:22:23+00:00

A list of names of homeowners with street addresses is available on the Member Login section of this website (username and password required). The board of directors considers email addresses and phone numbers to be private and does not share this information.

How many lots are in Belews Landing?2020-12-22T02:21:37+00:00


Whom do I contact about my dues account?2020-12-22T02:20:11+00:00
How much are the annual homeowners association assessments?2020-12-22T02:19:28+00:00

The basic assessment for all lots is $825 per year.
Crows Nest lot owners are assessed an additional $550 per year for the maintenance and repair of the Crows Nest roads and gate.
(These assessments are subject to change and special assessments may also apply. Please check with the board of directors for updated information.)

Who owns the common areas?2022-02-09T13:05:36+00:00

The Homeowners Association owns the septic fields, except the one at the corner of Crows Nest Drive and Starboard Court. The Development Company owns all the other common areas (the clubhouse and pool, the trails, the cabanas, and the area at the left of the front entrance).  Click here for a map of the common areas (will open in new window).

How do I go about replacing or getting a new mailbox that meets HOA specifications?2023-09-11T23:51:41+00:00

Please visit https://sswwnc.com/

Is the clubhouse available for rent by non-HOA members?2020-12-21T23:06:55+00:00

The current rules and regulations for the clubhouse do not permit non-HOA members to rent the clubhouse.

If I rent the clubhouse do I also have exclusive use of the pool?2020-12-21T23:07:25+00:00

The pool is not part of any rental of the clubhouse. The pool may not be exclusively rented.

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