Belews Landing Trails

The primary trails system consists of a half mile of woodland paths that connect Keel Court, Topside Court, Starboard and Windjammer Lane and provide access to the lake. The paths wind through tall stands of both deciduous and evergreen trees and are accessible by pedestrians and golf carts. A creek that runs through the area provides a unique microclimate for vegetation and the woods serve as a refuge for wildlife. At the end of the trail there is a cabana with tables and a grill for picnics, and from there a ramp leads to a lakeside bench.

In addition, there are two short paths in Yardarm Court that run from the street to the lake. One path (approximately 175 yards) has a gazebo and the other (approximately 125 yards) provides lake access for fishing.

Learn about the trails committee and join the next “Trails work day”.  Contact the committee chair.

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