Belews Landing Committees

Belews Landing is an active community with opportunities to stay as busy (or not) as you’d like.  We have several Committees that ensure the safety, beauty and amenities at Belews Landing can be enjoyed by all who live here.

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Committees are established and committee members are appointed by the board of directors.  Browse through the committees below to understand what each committee’s role is.  Committees are always looking for new members and we do hope you will consider jumping on one of these to lend your talent and time.  For those new to the community, it’s an awesome way to get to know people in the neighborhood!  Please reach out to the committee chair if interested.

Architectural Review

The Architectural Review committee reviews all house plans, lot improvements and landscaping improvements to ensure they abide by Belews Landing Covenants.  Review the Architectural Review Guidelines and submit your request here.  Reminder that you must submit a request AND receive approval before making improvements or changes to your property.  Committee members include:

  • John Mallard (Chair)
  • Jeanne Archer
  • Michael Lanum
  • Deborah Sproul
Contact the ARC
ARC Guidelines & Request Form

Clubhouse & Pool

The Clubhouse and Pool committee provides oversight to the maintenance and use of both the pool and clubhouse.  This includes clubhouse rental, opening and closing of the pool, pool inspection by the county and pool access codes.  Residents may request a pool code by contacting the Committee Chair.  Committee members include:

  • Kim Herman (Chair)
  • Jeanne Archer
  • Nicole Gillespie
  • Roy Montague
  • J. D. Motley
  • Sheryl Motley
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Clubhouse Reservations
Clubhouse & Pool Rules


The Communications committee manages communications to HOA members including email, newsletters, facebook and the HOA website.    Committee members include:

  • Kim Herman (Chair, Emails, Facebook)
  • Malinda Pengelly (Website)
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Crows Nest Roads & Gate

The Crows Nest Roads and Gate committee manages the upkeep of the roads and gate in the Crows Nest section of Belews Landing.  This includes gate maintenance and gate codes.  Crows Nest residents may request a gate code by contacting the committee chair.  Committee members include:

  • John Mallard (Chair)
  • David Drugman
  • John Loucks
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The Landscape and Environment committee ensures the entrance area and common areas are kept looking beautiful for all those in our community to enjoy.  This committee also decorates the clubhouse and entrance for Holidays.  Committee members include:

  • Vicki Hedrick (Chair)
  • Lisa Boles
  • Linda Sanders
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The Social Committee plans events and parties for the Belews Landing neighborhood.   Committee members include:

  • Deborah Sproul (Chair)
  • Helen Camp
  • Shanna Ferri
  • Karen Loucks
  • Jeannie Renken
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The Trails Committee coordinates “Trails Days” and activities to ensure all the awesome trails around Belews Landing stay in good shape.  Committee members include:

  • JR Brown (Chair)
  • Tom Clark
  • Sue Congelosi
  • Ken Layfield
  • Steve Gelgot
  • Austin Lewis
  • Bob Pengelly
  • Tom Renken
  • Michael Shook
  • Jeff Sproul
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The Water Committee provides oversight to Aqua and our Community well.  Committee members include:

  • Roy Montague (Chair)
  • JR Brown
  • Forrest Browning
  • Alan Camp
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Note the watering schedule for automatic irrigation is as follows:

  • Even addressed houses – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Odd addressed houses – Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • No watering on Sunday in order to allow the wells to recover
  • All irrigation to be completed between 3:00 pm and 3:00 am, starting on the assigned day
  • This schedule does not apply to other activities such as car washing and hand watering
  • If you have any questions about the watering schedule, please contact the Water Committee
  • Additionally, if property owners have any water issues or experience brown water issues, they are encouraged to contact Aqua : 1-877-987-2782 and the NC Dept of Environmental Quality Control: 336-776-9800


The Welcome Committee ensures each new homeowner in Belews Landing receives a hearty welcome.  New residents should checkout our Tips for New Residents.  Committee members include:

  • Kathy Brown (Chair)
  • Karen Loucks
  • Malinda Pengelly
  • Jeannie Renken
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